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    Over time it is natural for surfaces to begin to look tired and worn. Areas that receive high footfall, such as car parks, driveways and footpaths, are particularly prone to weathering due to the high number of traffic. Pressure washing is the ideal solution to such a problem, providing an extremely efficient and effective commercial cleaning option. By applying a high pressure stream of water to surfaces such as buildings, pavements and vehicles, it allows for the removal of substances such as grease, oil and grime.

    As there are various types of surfaces and substances to remove, it is important to take into account your requirements. Hot water works better when removing substances such as grease, whereas cold water may work better on other surfaces. The power of the stream is also important to consider, depending upon the robustness of the surface.

    Below you can see how effective our commercial pressure washing services are.

    Before & After Pressure Wash

    Here at Hands Group we specialise in a variety of commercial cleaning services including office cleaning, window cleaning and factory and warehouse cleaning. Located in the East Midlands, we service a variety of locations through Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.


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