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    School Cleaning Nottingham

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    school-class-cleaningNottingham has the second largest urban space in the Midlands and here at Hands Cleaners, we can provide school cleaning Nottingham including the surrounding rural areas. We understand the special needs of educational establishments. Our school cleaners meticulously trained to work in all education environments.

    Keeping the cleanliness of an educational building is highly important especially in nurseries and primary schools. As School Cleaners Nottingham we can help your school cleaning needs. This is why we take extra care with our quotes making sure everywhere has been covered in the plan and carried out when cleaning.

    Professional School Cleaners across Nottinghamshire

    During our School Cleaning Nottingham, we ensure our professional school cleaners are doing the best job they can by inspecting the cleanliness of the school with routine checks, this can be done in a time that suits you and working hours taking into consideration not only the pupils but the staff too.

    With 50 years’ experience, our trained team have background checks and maintain professional boundaries. We can also provide references from similar establishments if required. To get a free quote contact us today on 01509 501 110.

    Not only do we offer school cleaning Nottingham, we also offer school cleaning in Derby and Leicester.

    Why Choose us?

    Other than investing time and resources to make sure that our teams are reliable our clients will also be able to enjoy a guarantee on better cleaning and we don’t tie you down to long contracts. We believe in what we do and we do it well and we only need a short amount of time to prove it our clients.

    We believe that they need to be in a clean, conducive and hygienic environment and that is why we take a different and fresh approach to cleaning to ensure that all the areas have been fully attended to and sparkling clean.

    With the incorporation of technology and comprehensive computer scheduling, we will always stay up to date with our tasks and ensure that no matter how big the institution is, we have comprehensively cleaned every single part. With our professionalism, uptake of technology and love for schools, you will have the best value for money while getting the best possible service.

    We have 50 years of experience and can guarantee that with our knowledge, you will be getting the best cleaning business around and that experience shows in how we conduct our cleaning business.

    Because our clients are dear to us, we offer free consultancy and advice on how you can make your school cleaner and better. With our experience and training, we are equipped to make assessments on how you can keep your school cleaner easily. Get in touch today for our consultancy service.

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    • Better cleaning guaranteed
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    • Comprehensive computer scheduling
    • Free advice & consultancy
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    • Over 40 years experience