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School Cleaning Derby


school-hall-cleaningHands Cleaners can offer School cleaning in Derby and the surrounding areas. We can provide cleaning in Colleges, Universities, Academies and schools from Primary to secondary, we can also cater to nurseries.

Here at Hands Cleaners, we understand that the maintenance of a school isn’t easy. We can work around school hours taking into consideration after school clubs, Hands Cleaners school cleaning in Leicester can help your schools cleaning needs. It is important for all schools, colleges, universities etc. are clean to decrease the likelihood of germs spreading quickly which is why we take things seriously when it comes to giving you a quote, we take the time to inspect the building and make sure the right cleaning methods are carried out by our well-trained staff.

Professional School Cleaners across Derbyshire

Inspections are made by management to make sure the high level of cleanliness is maintained and to make sure that the staff cleaning is up to scratch. Again these inspections can take place at the most convenient time for you.

  • We listen carefully to you to understand the needs of your school or College.
  • We carefully survey your premises and create a bespoke specification. We take note of any particular requirements such as the need to work around After School Clubs.
  • Our service can include non term time deep cleans and floor maintenance programmes.
  • Staff will be carefully recruited and thoroughly trained to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Not only do we offer school cleaning in Derby, we also offer school cleaning in Leicester and Nottingham. We can also provide references from similar establishments if required. If you would like to get a free quote with no obligation, contact us on 01509 501 110.

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