How to Keep Your Office Clean During Flu Season


It’s no wonder office cleaning becomes a daunting task during winter months. Weather changes for the worse which means people spend more time indoors, including at their work desktops and in break areas. Carpets become dirty from mucky boots and more people get seasonal infections. So, a deep office cleaning becomes a necessity to prevent the spread of illness. We’ve prepared a few tips on how to keep your office clean during flu season.


clean office with people working in it

Tips On Keeping The Office Clean In Winter


Sanitise Most Frequently Used Objects

To prevent illnesses from spreading it’s important to sanitise the surfaces. Sanitise not only things of communal use but personal items as well. We recommend keeping your workplace as clean as possible especially keyboards and computer mice.


Keep Your Personal Workstation Tidy

Except for keeping clean your keyboard and computer mouse, it’s also important to keep your desk as tidy as possible. Decluttering your desk can remove bacteria and help avoid a potential hazard.


Provide Additional Sanitising Stations

Providing your staff with hand sanitisers is also beneficial. Make sure that your colleagues have access to sanitising stations and encourage them to use them as often as possible.


Maintain the Tidiness of Communal Areas

In addition, it’s crucial to keep communal areas tidy and clean. Crumbs on the kitchen counter or dirty cutlery in the sink shouldn’t be ignored.


Invest in Professional Cleaning

And finally, yet importantly you can hire cleaning professionals to help you deliver your office cleanliness to the highest standard.



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