Cleaning Up After Your Christmas Party – The Big Clean

A lot of companies these days self-host their Christmas party events, it saves money and it’s less travel for people. The only downside is that the morning after, the clean-up job can be immense, so much so that most companies host the party the day before the office closes. But, some don’t and are left with a very nasty surprise as they trample through rubbish and mess from the previous night’s shenanigans in an effort to get the office back on track before staff arrive. Perhaps worse still, are the stains that have been left on furniture and floors from spilled drinks.

It’s enough to put you off self-hosting but fear not as hiring a professional cleaning team to come in on the morning after can take all the stress away, but it’s important to book early to avoid disappointment.

The first thing to take into consideration if you are hosting your own bash is whether you will open the office the next day, if that’s a yes then your next step is to get a cleaning team ready to jump in and get the place looking spotless.

The great thing about hiring a cleaning team is that for staff and owners alike, they can leave the building after the party and then come in the next day once normal service has been reinstated.

So what do we cover on a clean up of your office?