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    Graffiti Removal Derby

    Graffiti Removal Derby

    Specialised Wall Cleaners Derbyshire

    At Hands Cleaners, we are experts in graffiti removal in Derby. We are also specialists in wall cleaning across Derbyshire. We were established in 1970 and are one of the largest contract cleaning companies in the East Midlands, best known for giving high-quality cleaning services.

    Graffiti can cause frustration up and down the UK as buildings, walls and bridges are vandalised with graffiti. Not only does it ruin the buildings but it also doesn’t look great, giving a rundown look to any building. We take great pride when removing graffiti finishing the job to the highest standards.

    Whether your property is business or your home, big or small, Hands Cleaners can help! With each job we provide you with highly skilled graffiti removal teams making sure we give all of our customer’s great value for money across all of our services.

    No matter how big or small the graffiti may be it can damage buildings and can even ruin cars. Our team work hard to make sure the damaged property is restored with an in-depth removal treatment; it works deep and cuts through the graffiti paint.


    We make sure that whatever job we do; we’re extremely efficient and complete each job quickly without cutting any corners. Each paint removal job is different so understandably each working hours are different. To ensure minimal inconvenience we can complete the job at a time to suit you.

    We don’t give anyone a long contract, which means no hidden extras, no extra costs and means that you are not tied down. If you have a one-off graffiti problem or a recurring issue, get in touch with Hands Cleaners today for graffiti removal in Leicester, Derby and Nottingham.

    We also offer many other different cleaning services such as factory and warehouse cleaning and local authority cleans.

    Why Choose Us?

    Experience – We are an established wall cleaning and graffiti removal service with 50 years of experience. We are one of the largest cleaning contractors and we have built a reputation for ourselves offering quality services and results to our clients repeatedly.

    Results Guaranteed – We have a simple seven-step guide that we use to make sure that we meet the needs and standards of our customers at all times. With our approach, you are able to get value for money and the best results possible.

    Timely Service – We understand the urgency to remove any unwanted writings and drawings from the walls in the premises and with our computer scheduling, you can rest assured that we will never miss an appointment and once there, we work hard and fast to make sure that we get rid of any unwanted markings.

    great reasons
    to choose
    Hands Cleaners...
    • Better cleaning guaranteed
    • NO long-term contracts
    • Fresh approach
    • Comprehensive computer scheduling
    • Free advice & consultancy
    • Unbeatable value for money
    • Over 40 years experience