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Graffiti Removal Nottingham

Graffiti Removal Nottingham

Specialised Wall Cleaners Nottinghamshire

With over 40 years’ experience in cleaning, you can rest assured that our graffiti removal service in Nottingham is completed to a high-quality. Established in 1970, Hands Cleaners are one of the largest contract cleaning companies working across the East Midlands.

Graffiti can cause everyone a headache; it can be frustrating if it is found on your business property as your building is suddenly vandalised, which isn’t good if you have clients and candidates visiting. Our graffiti removal service is quick and efficiently done. We can remove graffiti from stone, brickwork, metal and wood.

It doesn’t matter whether the vandalised property is large or small; Hands Cleaners can help as our teams can tackle any size of graffiti giving you great value for money. Our method of graffiti removal cuts through the paintwork easily lifting the graffiti off.


We complete each job as quickly as possible, knowing that the longer graffiti is left the worse it can get and can eventually be harder to remove. However just because we get the job done quickly doesn’t mean we cut corners! Each paint removal job is different depending on the scale of the graffiti and where is it placed but to ensure there is a minimal inconvenience we do the job at a time to suit you.

Here at Hands Cleaners, we don’t give out long cleaning contracts which mean there are no hidden extras and you are not tied down. Whether you have a one-off job or recurring issues get in touch with us today and we are happy to help. We also cover the Leicester and Derby area.

We also offer many other different cleaning services such as school cleaning and local authority cleans.

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