How to Clean a Dirty Oven with a Bit of Magic!

How to Clean a Dirty Oven with a Bit of Magic!

At some time or another we will all get to that stage where an oven needs a deep clean. Many people who clean an oven will keep on top of it for a while but soon bad habits take over and after one spill, comes another spill and before you know it your oven is a black sticky, grimy mess that you just put off cleaning.

Whether its food that has spilled, popped, spat or melted inside your oven, after constant use that food can be a stubborn nightmare to remove.

What’s the answer to this problem? There is the lazy way which in some cases can actually work – this is to turn the heat of the oven to its highest setting and then leave it for 20 minutes. Anything inside the oven will essentially be incinerated and in theory should be wiped out easily. However, depending on how long it has been since the last clean and how old your oven is – this could have a negative effect!

The next option is to use strong industrial chemicals but this isn’t always a great idea if you are a household of kids and pets. Plus, it could make you dizzy and unwell. The fumes are enough to get to the back of your throat.

The third and final option (and probably the best) is to use vinegar and baking soda.

How To Clean The Most Stubborn Oven

In a mixing bowl take half a cup of baking soda and then add water until a paste is formed. Then using a either your hand (with a glove on), or a spreader, coast the paste all over the interior of the oven, tops, bottoms, sides and in all the tight places that are accessible to you. Give it some elbow grease!

What you want to do now is leave the oven for a good 12 – 24 hours.

Once that period has passed use damp cloth and silicone spatula to remove the residue and lose debris. For the bits that don’t come off easily, grab yourself a small spray bottle and fill it with vinegar – your general malt vinegar is perfect here. Spray it across the oven and wait while the baking soda and vinegar react with each other to create a foam. Take the damp cloth again and wipe around the ovens edges, tops and bottom.

Rinse and repeat until all the baking soda has come away and until your oven is shining again!

Note: you might need to put aside some time to get your oven sparkling and it could take a few attempts at applying the baking soda and vinegar in order to pull off the really stubborn stains.