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    Industrial Window Cleaning Leicester

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    Window Cleaning for Work Buildings

    Here at Hands Cleaners, we provide industrial window cleaning in Leicester and across Leicestershire.  We offer window cleaning for work buildings and office block as we understand that it is important for a business to look good on the inside and the outside. We provide outdoor window cleaning as well as indoor window cleaning and glass cleaning. We also provide services such as floor cleaning, warehouse cleaning and healthcare cleans. Whether your industrial building is big or small, we can get the job done with a range of different techniques, some traditional and some new.

    Small Industrial Building Window Cleaning

    Traditional Window Cleaning – This can be used on smaller buildings as with regular residential window cleaning it can be done with a ladder, bucket and sponge. This method has been around for many years, and it is still an effective way of window washing to this day. We can get up close and personal to the window, spotting marks and making sure each window if left spotless.

    Window Cleaning on Medium Industrial Buildings

    Reach & Wash – The process of Reach & Wash is simply where we use a pole fed water system. It is the safest and most efficient way of washing windows on small/medium buildings. The need for ladders is eliminated, which is why it is one of the safest processes. We use de-ionised water, and there is no need for soap or detergents.

    High-Level Wash – Our high-level wash is where there is a platform that can move up and down the outside of the building to reach all levels.

    Window Cleaning on Large Industrial Buildings

    Abseiling – When faced with a large building it can be hard to get to all of the windows. This is where our abseiling technique comes in. We simply abseil down the building, providing it is safe to do so including making sure the roof is a suitable place to abseil down from. We pride ourselves on being professional, safety conscious cleaners who can tackle any window cleaning challenge. Abseiling means we can reach high up windows that can be reached in any other way.

    Interior Window Cleaning across Leicestershire

    To get the full job done we also provide interior window cleaning to make sure your windows are complete inside and out with interior window cleaning. Your business needs to look clean; the same goes for your windows.

    Hands Cleaners we like to listen to your needs and cater to them, making sure we provide the perfect solution for you. We don’t include any long-term contracts, which means no hidden extra! We do provide high-quality cleaning services, your very own dedicated manager who is happy to help and give advice where possible.

    Our specialist window cleaning teams always comply with health and safety regulations. We also offer industrial window cleaning in Nottingham and Derby.

    Why Choose Us?

    Always on Time – We understand that when you have a booked in window cleaner if they are late or do not turn up, it can be frustrating and waste time. This is why here at Hands Cleaners, we have invested in computer scheduling systems to make sure our appointments don’t collide and we will never fail to show up.

    High-Quality Results Every Time – Industrial window cleaning is a large task, however, our trained staff members work hard to deliver high-quality results for every industrial building. We never skip steps or leave marks on the windows.

    Straightforward business – We understand that many of our clients are busy, so we offer both one-off cleans as well as repeated service without large contracts to tie you down and no hidden fees.