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    Industry Buildings Window Cleaners

    Looking for honest and reliable industrial window cleaning in Nottingham? Look no further than Hands Cleaners! We are a dedicated team who provide high-quality industrial window cleaning in Nottingham for buildings of all shapes and sizes.

    Our services stretch from exterior window cleaning to interior window cleaning, interior glass walls, glass roofs, and exterior signage. We also provide other cleaning services such as carpet cleaning.

    We understand that it is important for every business to look clean, whether that is the interior office space or exterior. Your building is the first thing potential future customers will see, so it is important they get a good impression, you can start this by getting the windows cleaned. If your industrial building is large and has hard to reach areas to clean, then get in touch! Because here at Hands Cleaners we can tackle any building as we have multiple window cleaning facilities.

    Traditional Window Cleaning for Small Industrial Buildings

    The traditional window cleaning method can be done with a ladder, bucket and sponge – simple! This highly efficient method has been around for many years. Our team can get up close to the window, ensuring each window is left spotless.

    Industrial Window Cleaning Methods

    One method we can use is Reach & Wash, and this is simply where we use a pole fed water system. It’s listed as the safest and most efficient way of window washing. With this method is no need to use ladders, which is why it is one of the safest processes. We use de-ionised water, so there is no need for soap or detergents, making this process environmentally friendly.

    Our high-level wash method is where we use a platform that can move up and down next to the window to reach all levels.

    When we are faced with a large building we use the method of abseiling down the building and wash each window we reach, this means we can get into tight corners and hard to reach areas. We take health and safety very seriously here at Hands Cleaners.

    Interior Window Cleaning Nottinghamshire

    Here at Hands Cleaners, we also provide interior window cleaning will every exterior window cleaning service if it is required. We believe every business should look spotless and that includes the windows. We listen to our clients’ needs and cater a service for them without tying anyone down with long-term contracts. So get in touch with our friendly staff here at Hands Cleaners today!

    Your very own dedicated manager will be on board to answer any questions or queries you might have. We also offer industrial window cleaning in Leicester.

    Why Choose Us?

    On Time Industrial Window Cleaning – Our team here at Hands Cleaners will always provide on-time industrial window cleaning. We understand that things need to be completed in a timely manner which is why our industrial window cleaners don’t waste time and complete every job to a high-quality.

    High-Quality Results Every Time – Even though industrial window cleaning is a large task to undertake, our skilled team will ensure each job is done to the best standard without cutting any corners.

    Straightforward Business – We provide straightforward and simple business, this means simple contracts that won’t tie you down or have any hidden fees. We understand our clients are busy, so we try and keep things as simple as possible to save valuable time.