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    Local Authority Cleaning Nottingham

    Local Authority Cleans

    Here at Hands Cleaners, we provide Local Authority Cleaning in Nottingham. We have worked with Local Authorities in Nottingham and across Nottinghamshire offering our high-quality cleaning services. Our Nottingham Local Authority Cleaners complete each cleaning service to the highest possible quality.

    Community Cleaning across Nottinghamshire

    We were first established in 1970 and provide Community Cleaning across Nottinghamshire. We are fully insured, ISO 9001 quality assured and Exor gold accredited. We make sure that you get excellent value for money with our professional cleaning teams.

    Street Cleaners Nottingham

    It’s hard to keep streets and public areas clean at all times. Here at Hands Cleaners, we provide Street Cleaners to create a clean and healthy environment in Nottingham by keeping the streets as clean as possible. This is important to do not just for local residents but for visitors too.

    Public Sector Cleaning

    Our Public Sector Cleaning ranges from street cleaning, public toilets, parks and recreational areas. Within these areas, it is important to maintain hygiene standards, particularly in indoor public areas. This can be harder to do with outdoor areas; however, with the help of Hands Cleaners, this can be possible. Did you know we also provide School Cleaning Nottingham?

    For complete peace of mind see our better cleaning guarantee or contact us for more information and free quotations. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Why Choose Us?

    Bespoke Public Sector Cleaning Services – Every city in the UK needs different cleaning solutions, which is why we work with both small towns and large cities creating bespoke public sector cleaning services to suit each area.

    Experience – We have over 40 years’ experience in Public Sector Cleaning and have an in-depth understanding of the best cleaning solutions for pavements, parks and public areas.

    Comprehensive Local Authority Services – We offer comprehensive Local Authority Services which includes a wide variety of local authority cleaning services from window cleaning, pavement cleaning and cleaning park areas.

    For Local Authority Cleaning Nottingham, contact us today to get a free quote on 01509 501 110.

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