Our Top Twenty Cleaning Hacks for 2019 – Part 4

Our final installment as part of our cleaning hacks series is upon us and we hope you have picked up a few tips and tricks from the previous 3 posts. We have covered remote control cleaning, how to sharpen your scissors, and even how to restore a wooden surface among some other weird and wonderful ideas.

Lint Rollers Are Ideal For Hair and Dust

Most of us will use a lint roller to pick-up hair from our clothes, and the chances are that if you own a cat or a dog then you will have numerous lint rollers lying around. Well, not only are these inexpensive rollers a blessing for removing hair from your favourite jumper or pair of trousers, but they are great for dust.

If you happen to have a dusty side unit, lamp shade, window sill etc. – try using a lint roller on it and see how well it picks up the dust! – Certainly saves getting out the pledge and duster.

Remove Sofa Stains with Shaving Foam

Coffee. We love it and it helps give us a kick-start to the day, but when you spill it on something it can completely ruin whatever it has been splashed on.

Enter Shaving Foam. Just squirt some foam on the area and let it soak. Once it has soak in just dab it and you will see the stain has lifted and the sofa is looking brand new.

Give Tupperware a New Lease of Life

Overtime Tupperware can become stained by the food that you carry within them, especially if its tomato pasta! You will often find they become discoloured and smell. Rather than chucking them out, grab a pot of baking soda and add a teaspoon into the Tupperware, give it a scrub and then add warm water.

Leave this to work its magic overnight and then rinse out in the morning. You will find that the tub is now much cleaner and the smell has gone. Do this to all of your stained Tupperware, it works a treat.

Dirty Dishwasher

Dishwasher Starting to Smell?

Just like the Tupperware hack above, there is also one to help your dishwasher smell and perform better. If you are noticing some unpleasant fragrances coming from your dishwasher the chances are that the pipes could be clogged with food.

Grab yourself a dishwasher safe bowl and fill it with two cups of vinegar. Put it on the top rack and run it on a standard cycle. Once you open the door after it has ran its cycle you will notice that the smell is much better and the dishwasher should perform much better as the acidity of the vinegar will break down foods stuck in the pipes.

Clean Your Loo With Coke!

The thought of tipping a whole can of coke down the loo can put you off this, but trust us its worth every penny of that can of coke. If your loo has some unsavoury stains that just won’t budge then tip a can of coke down the toilet just before bed, give it a scrub all over and then leave it to work overnight.

Give the loo a flush in the morning and you should see the toilet sparkling clean.

Well, that brings our top twenty cleaning hacks for 2019 to an end. We hope you have taken a few tips from our series and put them to good use in your home. We will be back in 2020 with some new ideas.