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    Pressure Washing Derby

    Pressure Washing Derby

    Over time external driveways, paths and car parks will start to look tired and uncared for. At Hands Cleaners, we have experienced operatives and the know how to get these areas looking their best again. If it is pressure washing in Derby you require, then we are the service for you.

    Commercial pressure washing systems are now an integral part of any industrial cleaning team. Pressure cleaning works by powering the water at objects to penetrate the dirt and wash it away. There is a wide variety of types, sizes and accessories that must all be considered when using for specific appliances.

    Depending upon the types of surface and dirt deposits, the type of washer you will require can vary. For deposits such as grease, hot water is a better choice as it is far more effective at washing it away. Standard dirt deposits may require cold water as a better option. It can also depend upon the surface. For tough, robust surfaces a harder more penetrating stream may be more apt. For surfaces that are more delicate it may be a better option for a less penetrating stream. Higher water pressure also limits the operation to a smaller area.

    Using the latest pressure washing equipment we can even replace the kiln dried sand back into block paving joints once the cleaning has been completed. This all helps to ensure that you are getting the best possible results and a look that will be the envy of your neighbours and impressing your visitors at the same time.

    Pressure Washing Derby - Before & After

    Our before and after photos, above, show how effective our pressure washing service is. Specialising in high pressure cleaning and restoration we provide the finest cleaning services.

    Commercial Pressure Washing Derby

    We provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services, catering to many circumstances. If your business is in Leicester, Nottingham or Derby, then give us a call and one of our surveyors can arrange a visit to discuss your requirements.

    *External water point required*