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    Pressure Washing Leicester

    Pressure Washing Leicester

    Here at Hands Cleaners we offer a wide range of pressure washing services throughout Leicester. Over time many outdoor surfaces can begin to look tired and worn. Surfaces such as paths, car parks and driveways are no exception. We have many experienced operatives with a wealth of knowledge in all things commercial cleaning. Using the latest pressure washing equipment we can even replace the kiln dried sand into the paving joints.

    Pressure washing is crucial in any effective cleaning of commercial equipment and premises. Pressure cleaning works by powering the water at objects to penetrate the dirt and wash it away. It allows for the removal of various dirt deposits such as loose paint, mold, grime and dust. A high-pressure water spray is applied to various surfaces to remove these deposits. It can be applied to surfaces such as vehicles, buildings and concrete surfaces such as pavements.

    As there are various types of washer and application, understanding the best system for your requirements can be confusing. Hot water may be better used for deposits such as grease, whereas cold water may be better for other surfaces. How robust or delicate the surface is will effect the power of your system. The power of the system can also impact a cleaning operation by limiting the operation to a smaller area. Here at Hands Cleaners we are experts when it comes to all aspects of commercial pressure washing.

    Below shows the effectiveness of our pressure washing services. With over 40 years’ experience in all things commercial cleaning we provide the finest service.

    Pressure Washing Before & After

    Commercial Pressure Washing Leicester

    If you require pressure washing services throughout Leicester, Derby or Nottingham we are the cleaners for you. Providing the finest cleaning services we guarantee the best results. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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