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    Window Cleaners in Derby

    Windows are the first thing that people see when arriving at your premise, clean windows can say a lot about your company, and so can dirty windows. Dirty windows can subconsciously put people off, and give the wrong first impression about you and your company, even more so if your line of business is catering, food, medical, or hygiene sectors.

    Traditional Window Cleaning (Low Reach)

    At Hands Cleaners in Derby, we use the most effective way of window cleaning for the job, and no job is too small or too big for our trained members of staff. If you need a small  window cleaning job we use the traditional and efficient cleaning method of washing the glass using a detergent solution to remove contaminants and squeegeeing off the slurry using a rubber window blade (ground floor). For higher floors we use a pure water pole fed reach & wash system allowing us to access windows that otherwise would be out of reach.

    Window Cleaning Derby

    Abseil Window Cleaning (Mid – High Reach)

    If you have a company building that has multiple floors, that extends passed the reach of a pole wash, then we will use our high-level abseil window cleaning. This system can be an effective way to get the job done and this is completed by abseiling down the side of the building cleaning windows bit by bit from top to bottom.

    High-Level Platform Cleaning (High Reach)

    An alternative to the abseil cleaning is to use a platform, and these are usually ideal for the very high buildings where abseiling down the face of the building isn’t an option.

    The high-level platform is a movable platform that is placed adjacent to the building, moving up and down to complete the job at hand.

    Internal Glass Cleaning

    Don’t forget the inside too! Here at Hands Cleaners, we also provide internal window and office cleaning in Derby, to ensure your windows are spotless at your business. We can carry out interior window cleaning and external window cleaning service at a time that is convenient for you. As the leading commercial cleaning company throughout the Midlands, we also specialise in commercial window cleaning in locations such as Nottingham and Leicester.

    Why Choose Us?

    Comprehensive window cleaning services – our window cleaning service is available for both residential and commercial spaces. We offer outside and inside window cleaning and we make sure to leave nothing but spotless and clear panes behind and use quality supplies for the best results.

    Detail Oriented – We are very keen on making sure that we follow the brief given to us by our clients. We also know that different spaces have different requirements and our clients only pay for the services that we offer. We don’t bundle our rates because we know that space can vary in size and other factors and we make sure that we capture every detail to save our clients’ money and provide the best results.

    Choose your cleaning method – Our window cleaning services are not a one fits all kind of service. We offer a wide range of cleaning methods for our clients and we allow them to choose the method that works best for them. Some of our most frequently used cleaning methods include the high-level abseil for buildings with multiple stories. The traditional cleaning method for small areas, reach and wash systems and high-level platforms which is perfect for large buildings and we also offer internal glass cleaning services.

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