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    Here at Hands Cleaners, we provide different commercial cleaning services, one of which is window cleaning Leicester. There are various types of window cleaning services which we can provide; no job is too big or too small! We specialise in many aspects of commercial cleaning which also includes high level cleaning.

    Traditional Cleaning Method

    At Hands Cleaners, we use the most effective way of window cleaning for the job. So for example, if you need a small  window cleaning job we use the traditional and efficient cleaning method of washing the glass using a detergent solution to remove contaminants and squeeging off the slurry using a rubber window blade (ground floor) and using pure water pole fed reach & wash system for windows above ground floor.  We believe this is an effective way of cleaning smaller properties ensuring all contaminants are removed.

    High Level Window Cleaning – Abseil

    If you have a company building that has multiple stories with hard to reach areas then we trust our high level window cleaning is an effective way to get the job done and this is completed by abseiling down the side of the building cleaning windows bit by bit from top to bottom.

    high level window cleaning

    High Level Platform and Reach & Wash Systems

    Another way of effectively cleaning medium to large buildings is to use a high-level platform or our pole fed Reach & Wash system. The high-level platform is a moveable platform that is placed adjacent to the building, and the platform can then move either from top to bottom or vice versa. Our Reach & Wash system is simple, it is a large pole with cleaning apparatus on the end, de-ironised and purified water feeds through the pole, and the use of detergents is eliminated. The Reach & Wash system is considered to be the safest methods of window cleaning services with no need for ladders and scaffolding, so risks are considerably reduced.

    Internal Glass Cleaning

    Don’t forget the inside too! Here at Hands Cleaners, we also provide internal window cleaning to ensure your windows are spotless at your business. We can carry out interior window cleaning and external window cleaning service at a time that is convenient for you.

    Reliable Window Cleaning Service

    With our window cleaning service, customers can arrange to have a quote sent to them so they know how much our service is going to cost. Customers are also able to enjoy our window cleaning Leicester guarantee which ensures that every customer gets value for their money.

    We have invested in the most up to date cleaning equipment which allows us to attend to different customers needs.  We have also invested in all the safety tools and training for our employees and in cases where we are working on commercial space with human traffic, we will also ensure that your customers, shoppers and employees are safe as we go about our business.

    We understand that our customers are different and so are their needs. Our employees have been adequately trained on how to offer the best customer service, offer service with a smile, listen and react to the customer’s request. We have also invested in proper training to equip our employees with the knowledge to understand how to handle different windows. This coupled with our safe cleaning products and processes; will ensure that your windows are always looking their best.

    Our job is not only to clean your windows. We know they have more value to you and to the building and we do everything in our capacity to ensure that they are not only clean but that they are also in the best possible shape to serve all the purposes that they have been installed for including complementing the office space.

    Commercial Window Cleaning Leicestershire

    We have 50 years’ experience with commercial window cleaning across Leicestershire, working with well-known buildings across the city. We use only high-quality products for our window cleaning services, including our pure water system which is safe and cost-effective. Here at Hands Cleaners, we are the leading cleaning company in Leicester, and we can help you. Our window cleaners in Leicester are all trained in their specific areas of expertise; they listen to individual needs and provide a solution that is right for you. We are extremely safety conscious so whichever task we take on we make sure all safety precautions are carried out. Not only do we offer our services in Leicester, but we also offer window cleaning across Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Derby and Nottingham. We also offer other cleaning services such as retail cleaning.

    Not everyone wants the same thing so we always put our clients first and our friendly staff are dressed in uniform, and each member is assigned to a job, so if you are a recurring customer, you’ll be sure to see a familiar face. So whether you just require a one-off clean or continuous window cleaning please contact us on 01509 501 110.

    Why Choose Us?

    Comprehensive window cleaning services – our window cleaning service is available for both residential and commercial spaces. We offer outside and inside window cleaning and we make sure to leave nothing but spotless and clear panes behind and use quality supplies for the best results.

    Detail Oriented – We are very keen on making sure that we follow the brief given to us by our clients. We also know that different spaces have different requirements and our clients only pay for the services that we offer. We don’t bundle our rates because we know that space can vary in size and other factors and we make sure that we capture every detail to save our clients’ money and provide the best results.

    Choose your cleaning method – Our window cleaning services are not a one fits all kind of service. We offer a wide range of cleaning methods for our clients and we allow them to choose the method that works best for them. Some of our most frequently used cleaning methods include the high-level abseil for buildings with multiple stories. The traditional cleaning method for small areas, reach and wash systems and high-level platforms which is perfect for large buildings and we also offer internal glass cleaning services.

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