How Important Is Office Carpet Cleaning?

Office carpet cleaning may seem like a mundane task, but it’s a vital aspect of maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. A clean carpet contributes to the overall appearance of an office, helps create a healthy and productive workspace and has many other beneficial features that we’ll discuss in this blog post. So, what makes office carpet cleaning so important?

Why It Is Important To Clean Your Office Carpet

Improving Air Quality

Cleaning your office carpet isn’t a pointless job. First of all, because it improves your office air quality. Carpets are notorious for trapping airborne pollutants, including dust, pollen, and bacteria. Over time, these pollutants can accumulate and cause health problems such as allergies and respiratory issues. Regular carpet cleaning helps remove these pollutants, leading to a healthier work environment for you and other employees.


Extending Carpet Life

Carpet cleaning prevents dirt and debris from accumulating in the fibre of your carpet and prematurely wearing it out. Regular cleaning can help remove these particles and extend the life of the carpet, saving businesses money in the long run.


Making Office Feel Welcoming for Visitors

A clean carpet also contributes to a more professional and welcoming office environment. Dirty or stained carpets can create a negative impression on visitors and clients, leading to lost business opportunities. A clean carpet, on the other hand, can create a positive impression, helping businesses build trust and credibility with their clients.


Improving Work Productivity 

Lastly, regular carpet cleaning can improve workplace productivity. A clean and organised workspace can lead to improved employees’ moods. They are more likely to take pride in their workspace if it is clean and well-maintained. Additionally, a clean carpet can reduce distractions caused by unpleasant odours and stains, allowing employees to focus on their work.


Overall, office carpet cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy, professional, and productive work environment. It can improve indoor air quality, extend the life of the carpet, create a positive impression on visitors and clients, and improve workplace productivity. Professional carpet cleaning is a worthwhile investment for any business looking to maintain a clean and healthy workspace. 

lesson at school

Benefits Of Commercial School Cleaning

clean school classroom

Knowing how many bacteria are spread by our hands, it’s important to keep schools clean. So our children don’t get ill and can concentrate on the learning process. Since students and staff spend a considerable amount of time at schools, it’s crucial to maintain a safe and hygienic environment there. And commercial school cleaning is an effective way to achieve this as it has many benefits, the main of which we’ll mention in this post.

Here are some of the benefits of commercial school cleaning.

5 Main Pros Of Commercial School Cleaning Service

Improved Health and Safety

Commercial school cleaning is important in eliminating germs and bacteria that can cause illnesses and infections. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, floors, and other areas of the school help to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. This ensures that students and staff are better protected from diseases and illnesses.

Enhanced Learning Environment

A clean school environment can create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for students, teachers, and staff. It can improve the overall appearance of the school, making it a more pleasant place to learn and work. A clean and organised workspace can help students and teachers stay focused and motivated, leading to better academic performance and higher productivity levels.

Increased Productivity

A clean school environment can help increase productivity. A clean and organised workspace helps students and teachers stay focused and motivated. This leads to better academic performance and higher productivity levels. Additionally, clean and well-maintained facilities can help to attract and retain students and staff.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Dust and other allergens can accumulate in a school environment, leading to poor indoor air quality. Commercial school cleaning can help to eliminate these allergens and improve air quality, which can reduce the risk of respiratory problems and allergies. This helps to ensure that students and staff breathe clean and fresh air, making the school a healthier place to learn and work.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

A clean school environment can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. By regularly cleaning and maintaining floors, stairs, and other areas, the risk of slips, trips, and falls can be minimised. This helps to ensure that students and staff are safe and protected from accidents and injuries.

Overall, commercial school cleaning is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment. It helps to prevent the spread of illnesses, enhance the learning environment, increase productivity, improve indoor air quality, and reduce the risk of accidents. Therefore, investing in commercial school cleaning is an investment in the health and well-being of students, teachers, and staff.

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Cleaning Plan For Schools

lesson at school

Keeping a school clean and well-maintained is important for the health and well-being of students, teachers and other staff. A clean environment creates a positive learning environment that generally helps academic success. This is why it’s important to develop a cleaning plan for schools. It should include the needed cleaning tasks, their frequency, and the resources necessary to complete them. In this blog post, we, Hands Cleaners, are sharing the key components of a cleaning plan for schools.

How To Keep A School Clean

There are a few steps to follow that could help you feel organised and know where to start and what to do when it comes to such big projects as school cleaning:

Identify Cleaning Tasks

The first step in creating a cleaning plan for schools is to identify necessary cleaning tasks. These tasks should cover all areas of the school, including classrooms, hallways, restrooms, canteens, gyms, and common areas. Some common cleaning tasks include:

Sweeping and mopping floors

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

Cleaning restrooms and replenishing supplies

Emptying general waste and recycling bins

Dusting furniture and fixtures

Cleaning windows and mirrors

Hoovering carpets and rugs


Determine Cleaning Frequency

Once you have identified the cleaning tasks, the next step is to determine how often you should perform them. Some cleaning tasks, such as sweeping floors and emptying waste bins, may need to be done daily, while others, such as cleaning windows and mirrors, may only need to be done once a week. Some cleaning tasks may need to be done less frequently, such as deep cleaning carpets or furniture.

Allocate Resources

The third step in developing a cleaning plan for schools is to allocate the necessary resources to complete the cleaning tasks. This includes determining the number of cleaning staff, as well as the cleaning supplies and equipment. It is essential to have enough staff to complete the cleaning tasks efficiently and effectively. Additionally, they should be trained on how to properly use cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure the safety of students and staff. In this case, it’s best to ask for professional cleaning help.

Develop a Schedule

Once you have identified the cleaning tasks, determined their frequency, and allocated resources, the next step is to develop a cleaning schedule. The cleaning schedule should be based on the school’s needs, such as the number of students and staff, the size of the school, and the areas that need the most cleaning. Afterwards, you should discuss your preferred cleaning schedule with your cleaning staff.

Monitor and Adjust

The final step in developing a cleaning plan for schools is to monitor and adjust the plan if needed. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of the cleaning plan, identifying areas that need improvement, and making changes to the plan as necessary.

Regular monitoring and evaluation of the cleaning plan can help ensure that the school remains clean and well-maintained, creating a positive learning atmosphere.

Overall, school cleaning plays a major role in creating a healthy study and work atmosphere. By following the above-mentioned steps, schools can ensure that they provide a safe and healthy learning environment where students and teachers can enjoy the studying process more.

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What’s The Dirtiest In Our Office?

According to the study, nearly 80% of germs are spread by our hands. On average, a person’s hands can carry hundreds of bacteria and viruses, some of which are harmful. Therefore, it’s important to regularly wash our hands and frequently sanitise the potentially dirtiest surfaces or objects in the office.

8 Dirtiest Office Objects 

Several objects in an office can harbour high levels of bacteria and germs. Here are some of the dirtiest places in an office:

Keyboard and mouse

The latest available data shows that the average person spends 6 hours 58 minutes per day on their internet devices. For that reason, we should clean them more often than ever before.

keyboard and mouse accumulate bacteria and dust

Breakroom sink handles and faucets

Breakroom sink faucets are a culprit for office infections as people frequently use them and often before their meals.

Office phones

Office phones also harbour lots of germs especially when they are shared.

Coffee pot handles and dispenser buttons

Everyone enjoys a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Luckily it’s easy to make it safe by cleaning and wiping up coffee pot handles and dispenser buttons.

shared coffee pots can contain lots of bacteria

Water dispenser buttons and handles

Like coffee pots, water dispensers can be a source of germs and bacteria in the office.

Elevator buttons

Elevator buttons can easily be the quickest in spreading bacteria as people touch them coming in from outside.

Kitchen sponges and dish towels

Kitchen sponges and dish towels should be replaced every week as according to a recent study the bacteria grow resistant to cleaning.

Bathroom door handles and faucets

Bathrooms are a common source of germs and bacteria, and the door handles and faucets are high-touch areas.

Generally, regular cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces in an office are important to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. However, how often should we do it?


How Often We Should Clean Our Office


The frequency of cleaning an office depends on several factors such as the size of the office, the number of employees, the type of activities carried out in the office, and the level of cleanliness desired. We’ve prepared some general guidelines:

Daily cleaning

This includes tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, wiping down surfaces, and taking out the rubbish.

Weekly cleaning

In addition to the daily cleaning tasks, weekly cleaning should include deep cleaning tasks such as scrubbing the bathrooms and kitchen, dusting surfaces and furniture, and washing windows.

Monthly cleaning

Monthly we can clean the air conditioning and ventilation systems, do some carpet deep cleaning and organise storage areas.

Seasonal cleaning

This should include tasks such as cleaning blinds and window coverings, moving furniture to vacuum and clean underneath, and washing walls and baseboards.

Overall, it’s important to develop a cleaning schedule and stick to it to ensure that the office remains clean and well-maintained. It’s also recommended to have a professional cleaning service perform a deep cleaning at least once or twice a year.

How to Keep Your Office Clean During Flu Season


It’s no wonder office cleaning becomes a daunting task during winter months. Weather changes for the worse which means people spend more time indoors, including at their work desktops and in break areas. Carpets become dirty from mucky boots and more people get seasonal infections. So, a deep office cleaning becomes a necessity to prevent the spread of illness. We’ve prepared a few tips on how to keep your office clean during flu season.


clean office with people working in it

Tips On Keeping The Office Clean In Winter


Sanitise Most Frequently Used Objects

To prevent illnesses from spreading it’s important to sanitise the surfaces. Sanitise not only things of communal use but personal items as well. We recommend keeping your workplace as clean as possible especially keyboards and computer mice.


Keep Your Personal Workstation Tidy

Except for keeping clean your keyboard and computer mouse, it’s also important to keep your desk as tidy as possible. Decluttering your desk can remove bacteria and help avoid a potential hazard.


Provide Additional Sanitising Stations

Providing your staff with hand sanitisers is also beneficial. Make sure that your colleagues have access to sanitising stations and encourage them to use them as often as possible.


Maintain the Tidiness of Communal Areas

In addition, it’s crucial to keep communal areas tidy and clean. Crumbs on the kitchen counter or dirty cutlery in the sink shouldn’t be ignored.


Invest in Professional Cleaning

And finally, yet importantly you can hire cleaning professionals to help you deliver your office cleanliness to the highest standard.



What Is Office Deep Cleaning & Why Do You Need It

clean office room with a table and chairs around it


Deep cleaning has become a necessity in our modern offices. With our busy work schedules, there’s no time to set up routine cleaning. Therefore, our workplaces can become crammed and odorous. Office deep cleaning is a great solution and preventative measure for any sort of disorder and disarray that Hands Cleaners has prepared this post about.


What Is Office Deep Cleaning?


Office deep cleaning is a cleaning procedure which involves more effort, time, and expertise. During it, steam and high-pressure techniques are used to achieve the best results and to get rid of dirt and bacteria. Office deep cleaning aims to get hard-to-reach areas and to thoroughly clean the places that are mostly visited and equipment that is mostly used.

Even if routine cleaning is performed regularly, deep office cleaning is still required.


What Does Office Deep Cleaning Involve?


Office deep cleaning usually involves:

  • Polishing tiled floors
  • Sanitising walls and doors, light fixtures, switches, stair rails and lifts
  • Shampooing floor carpets, removing stains
  • Disinfecting IT equipment, including keywords and screens
  • Cleaning upholstery
  • Vacuuming blinds and windowsills
  • Cleaning kitchen and bathrooms etc.


What Is Deep Cleaning For?


Deep cleaning has a lot of benefits. For example, it extends the life of office furniture and furnishing and provides a healthy clean environment for people who work in the office. In addition, it offers:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Health & Work Productivity
  • Identification of forthcoming issues, such as damage or breaks

Except for its importance for hygiene reasons, deep cleaning’s also about keeping an area nice to be in. When it comes to commercial premises, thorough cleaning can make a business look more professional.


Overall, office deep cleaning helps keep your office and colleagues well looked after. By choosing this service, you ensure that your premises and furniture will last for a long time and look new and professional.

If you’re interested in office cleaning, please contact us today.


Cladding Cleaning. Why You Should Do It.




Over time surfaces of any construction become grimy. Dirt, dust, rust, algae, and mould accumulate in gaps of cladding making it not only less attractive but also harmful to our health. Therefore, cladding cleaning is an important part of looking after construction with a cladding material on its surface.  Let’s talk about the benefits of cladding cleaning in more detail.


 3 Main Benefits of Cladding Cleaning


Among the numerous benefits of cladding cleaning, there are 3 most important:


Health Benefits of Cladding Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, cleaning cladding is necessary for construction maintenance for health reasons, especially if the cladding is on an office or a residential building. It improves general health and prevents allergens and other contaminants from aggravating people’s existing health conditions.


Cladding Protection & Life Increase

If you clean the cladding of your house more often you can spot early signs of damage. This way you can repair your building exterior and fix a problem before it becomes severe and expensive. Moreover, delaying cladding cleaning may cause further spread and growth of contaminants that will take even longer to get rid of.


Aesthetics Maintenance & Improvement

Cleaning cladding improves the appearance of your building in general. There are plenty of various cladding options, different in colours and textures, but none of them will look well if you don’t look after them regularly. Over time any cladding surface can become old and dull looking which is even more harmful if it is a company building. You must ensure that your business always looks attractive to your existing or potential customers.



In general, cladding is a great option as it’s a beautiful and low-maintenance feature of a building. All you need to do is to regularly look after it to avoid severe damage and to ensure your house or office looks the same good as new. Please contact us today if you need professional cladding cleaning help.


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Event Cleaning Services. Why You Should Hire Professionals

event cleaning in nottingham


Outside events always sound fun. However, if you organise them, you know how challenging they can be. Outside events bring plenty of thinking over entertainment, catering and even event cleaning, which is not something the majority of people are looking forward to. Therefore, it’s a great idea to contact the cleaning professionals. Let’s take a look at more reasons the professional cleaning service is what you need.



4 main reasons to hire event cleaning professionals



  • They know what to do

Cleaning professionals know what to do as they are highly experienced. Their knowledge enables them to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. They have various cleaning services and tools they can use, and they know how to avoid mistakes, disorganisation, and waste diversion. Therefore, you won’t have any problems to deal with. 

Having the help of cleaning professionals saves your personal time and puts your mind at ease.


  • High-quality service is important to them

High-quality service is the same important for them as for you because cleaning companies value their good reputation. It’s important for them to leave an excellent impression and to help you build a good professional or personal image. A lack of professionalism in before and after event cleaning can leave a negative impression of the whole event and damage your public relations. 


  • It’s cost-effective

Having cleaning professionals hired is cost-effective. After paying a fee, you can completely rely on them as they work hard and are trained to complete the cleaning process in the most efficient way. Therefore, it’s worth the money. 


  • They have the necessary equipment and tools

Any post-event cleaning requires lots of equipment and tools which you may not have. Fortunately, cleaning companies invest in supplies to finish the job quickly and thoroughly so you won’t need to spend on buying your own tools. In addition, you’ll avoid a potential mess which you could have if you have decided to clean the area on your own.



Keeping the above in mind, we can surely say that a professional event cleaning service is the best option for you if you need the highest quality and efficiency. Fortunately, our exceptionally experienced company, Hands Cleaners, offers outstanding help with before and after event clean-up. We work in the entire Nottingham area and are also available in other locations across the East Midlands such as Derby, Nottingham, and Leicester. Contact us today to join a register of our highly pleased clients!



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How to Remove Graffiti Forever

graffiti removal


Nothing feels more frustrating than seeing graffiti left overnight on your freshly painted wall. Graffiti on your premises can potentially damage the perception of your entire business. They bring an untidy look that may put new customers off your place. So, you need to remove it as quick as possible.

Many business owners trying to save on costs decide to paint on top of the graffiti themselves. And even though it does give a desirable result at the beginning, the graffiti will eventually appear through the paint again. So, removing it completely is the best option you can choose.

 If you have decided to remove graffiti yourself, you should remember that it’s not an easy task to do. You should stay extremely careful and precautious as you can harm not only your property but yourself as well. You should wear gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask as you are going to work with strong solvents, and you are in danger of inhaling its fine particles. Safety is extremely paramount in the process.


Best Methods to Remove Graffiti


Use acetone

Acetone is an old method to get rid of graffiti. It’s mostly used in nail polish removers but can be obtained on its own as well. All you need to do is use a bit of it on your cloth or sponge and carefully rub it on the graffiti. It works best with small drawings, and it is effective with different graffiti types. However, you should be careful not to leave an ugly splotch if you apply too much pressure. This method is not ideal if the graffiti is big and easy to notice.

Try a specialist gel

You can find specialist products which are gel-based to get rid of graffiti as well. Surely, they are more expensive than acetone, but they work well with bigger-sized graffiti on most surfaces. However, this method still needs lots of effort to achieve big results.

Ask for professional help

If you feel uncertain about removing graffiti yourself, then Hands Cleaners can easily do it for you.  We have over 40 years of experience and offer the best help in removing graffiti off your premises. Learn more about how we can help you and contact us today!

Christmas Office Clean

Cleaning Up After Your Christmas Party – The Big Clean

A lot of companies these days self-host their Christmas party events, it saves money and it’s less travel for people. The only downside is that the morning after, the clean-up job can be immense, so much so that most companies host the party the day before the office closes. But, some don’t and are left with a very nasty surprise as they trample through rubbish and mess from the previous night’s shenanigans in an effort to get the office back on track before staff arrive. Perhaps worse still, are the stains that have been left on furniture and floors from spilled drinks.

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