Our Top Twenty Cleaning Hacks For 2019 – Part 2

After the success of our cleaning  hacks part 1 we have decided to sift through a few more of our cleaning tips and tricks. Who would have thought that simple household items such as lemons, walnuts and baby oil could make light work of some of the most grueling household tasks?

Take a look below at some more helpful snippets!

Cleaning Stainless Steel Surfaces

Chances are if you have a newborn, you will have a bottle of baby oil lying around. If you do then give this little tip a try. Grab yourself a cloth (dry) and squeeze some baby oil onto it. Rub the oil over any stainless steel surface, such as kitchen or bathroom taps, cooker hood, cutlery, or any other greased up surface that has fingerprints or smudges. You will notice how good this oil can be in shining up a stainless steel surface.

Restoring a Wooden Surface

Scratched a wooden surface? Here’s how to bring it back to life and have it looking like new. Get a walnut and crack off the shell. Rub the walnut on any wooden surface that has slight scratches. This could be a bench, banisters, floor, counter top or any other wooden side unit or furniture item. The walnut will hide the scratch marks and restore you wooden surface.

Freshen Up Your Chopping Board

Chopping boards get a lot of use and they often see all types of food, some which are pungent and can stain. Whether it’s a mackerel you have prepared or a beetroot you have chopped up. Overtime all that meat, fish, fruit and vegetables can leave your chopping board seeing better days.

To help liven-up your chopping board simply cut a lemon in half. Squeeze some of the juice from one half onto the board and then use the other half to rub the juice across the board. The acidity of the lemon will help lift most stains and the strong scent of the lemon will give the board a nicer smell.

How To Get Stains Out of Carpets

Stains on carpets are perhaps one of the most annoying and frustrating cleaning jobs around the house or even in the office. The words red wine and carpets spring fear into the minds of many homeowner.

Did you know that washing up liquid can help lift red wine though? Mix washing up liquid with warm water and then dab the stained area with a cloth that you have soaked in the washing up liquid. Keep dabbing the area until you see the stain reduce down to nothing.

To dry the area use a dry sponge to soak up that excess liquid.

Use Aluminium as a Scourer

Burnt something onto a saucepan or baking tray? You’ve checked your cupboards but don’t have any scourers? Don’t worry, as aluminium works as a handy scourer. All you need to do is scrunch it up into a ball and then scrub away at all of those pots and pans that have had burnt on food.

This brings part 2 to an end, stay tuned for another set of our top five picks.