Our Top Twenty Cleaning Hacks for 2019 – Part 3

If you have made it this far then well done! You must be looking to pick up a few tips and tricks for cleaning your home and the items in it. In part 3 we look at another five useful cleaning hacks. If you missed part 1 and part 2 then check those out now.

Sharpen Your Scissors with Tin Foil

Suffering from dull bladed scissors? Instead of throwing them away just have a scout around your kitchen and see if you have any kitchen foil. If you are in luck cut yourself a good length of sheet off and cut into it with your scissors. You can start by cutting straight lines down it, and then crumpling it up and cutting into it. The more you do the better it will sharpen your scissors.

Polish Furniture with Olive Oil

Most of us use olive oil for cooking or for a salad dressing right? Of course, what else would you use it for I hear you all ask?

Well olive oil can be handy around the home as well, particular for cleaning wooden furniture or surfaces. Just grab a bottle of olive oil and put a few drops onto a clean duster. Then you just need to use it as you would if you were using polish, rub down the wooden furniture to remove any grime, dirt, stains, and watch it gleam.

Use Vaseline to Shine Your Shoes

We don’t all have shoe polish lying around, but there is a chance you may have a pot of Vaseline/petroleum jelly. If you don’t go and buy a pot as its MUCH cheaper than shoe polish and has the same desired results in shining your shoes.


Easy Keyboard Cleaning Hack

Keyboards can get ridiculously dirty, we mean DIRTY! Now, think about this (make sure you arent eating though!) food, dead skin, hair, nails, dirt, drink, sweat … you name it… it has probably fallen in-between the cracks of your keys.

We understand cleaning between the keys is difficult, so here is a quick hack. Do you have an empty bottle of ketchup, mayo or such like? Unscrew the cap and break off the lip so you are just left with the top (the part with the hole in the middle). Now stick this on the end of a hoover pipe and you will find that the power and suction will lift all kinds of debris out from under and beside the keys.

Clean Your Remote

Just like your keyboard, your remote control can collect dirt and grime. Although not as bad as your keyboard your remote can be a playground for bacteria and will need a clean. Especially as remote control use usually ties in with people eating.


Get some hand sanitizer and a paper towel, or something that acts like a paper towel. Then squeeze a few drops onto the paper towel and rub across the remote getting between the buttons and not forgetting the back of the device.

Join us soon for our final installment of our cleaning hacks for 2019.