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    Window Cleaning Birmingham

    Window Cleaning Birmingham

    Window Cleaning Birmingham

    First impressions make a massive difference, they can often be the difference between make or break. Whether it is driving in new clients or maintaining relationships with your existing clients, first impressions are important. Although your windows may not make a massive difference to your business, they can easily lead to others making judgement on you and your business. A clean and fresh office can say a lot about your workplace, as can a dirty and unhygienic one. Ensure you are not losing business by using our Window Cleaning Birmingham services.

    Traditional Window Cleaning (Low Level)

    No job is too big or too small for us here at Hands Cleaners. Be it a high rise building or traditional office space, we ensure we get the job done. By using the correct tools and products for the job in question, we will get the job done to the highest standard with a minimum of fuss.

    For lower level buildings with windows that are easier to reach we will use a detergent solution to remove contaminants and squeegee off the slurry using a rubber window blade.

    Pole fed window cleaning Birmingham
    Pole Fed Reach & Wash System

    However, when it is a higher level we will use a pure water pole fed reach and wash system allowing us to access windows that would otherwise have been out of reach .

    Abseil Window Cleaning (Mid – High Reach)

    Even offices with multiple floors are still not out of reach for us. When the height exceeds our pole wash systems, we will use high level abseiling techniques. By abseiling down the side of the building, we guarantee to clean your windows bit by bit from top to bottom.

    Abseil Window cleaning Birmingham
    Abseil Window Cleaning

    High Level Platform Cleaning (High Reach)

    Where abseiling is not an option, usually very high buildings, we also have the option to use platforms. These platforms are placed adjacent to the building, moving up and down to allow us to complete the job at hand.

    high level window cleaning
    High Level Platform Window Cleaning

    Internal Window Cleaning

    It is just as important to make sure both the inside and outside of your windows are clean. Here at Hands Cleaners we will ensure your windows are spotless, both internally and externally, at a time that is convenient for you. We provide our window cleaning services throughout the Midlands, including locations such as Derby, Leicester, Wolverhampton and Nottingham. Contact us today for all your commercial cleaning needs.

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